Services We Provide

Primary Care Exams

An extensive eye examination from the front of the eye to the back, and then of the visual system.

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Styling and Consulting

Tailoring spectacles for an individual’s specific needs through examination, discussion and product selection.

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Contact Lenses

Fitting and Options

Complimenting lives through the functionality of contact lenses, for necessity or convenience, contacts can be life enhancing or changing.

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Neuro-Perceptual Training

When spectacles or contact lenses don’t resolve vision needs, a Neuro-perceptual evaluation, diagnosis and treatment is done for the visual system.

  • Learning and/or Reading Difficulties
  • Double Vision
  • Concentration Difficulties
  • Strabismus (Lazy Eye)
  • Amblyopia

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Traumatic Brain Injury Visual Recovery Treatment

Retraining the visual system from the effects of diplopia (double vision), photophobia (light sensitivity), loss of concentration or depth perception, or other visual problems that can result from a TBI.

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Sports Vision Training

Visual training that can take an athlete to the next level with quicker visual responses with eye and hand coordination, peripheral vision awareness, and increased visual response times.

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Dry Eye and MGD Treatment

the leading cause of dry eye is known to be Meibomian Gland Disease (MGD) for over 86% of patients who present with symptoms, such as discomfort, redness, tearing, gritty or burning sensations and blurry vision. While MGD is chronic and progressive, if caught early, it can be effectively treated to stop the progression and maintain optimal eye health.

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