A statement that hit me while reading a review of an article discussing vision impairment after a stroke:

‘Over 65% of stroke survivors will suffer from a visual impairment, whereas 45% of stroke units do not assess vision.’ Clearly, a disconnect exists that needs to be addressed;” – Dr. Joseph Sassani, Professor of Ophthalmology and Pathology, Penn State Hershey Eye Center

Post-Stroke Vision Impairments include:

  • Double Vision
  • Peripheral Vision loss
  • Vision Neglect
  • Visual Agnosia (inability to recognize faces)
  • Central Vision Loss
  • Nystagmus (rapid involuntary movement of the eyes)
  • Eye Movement Control Deficits
  • Fortunately Neuro-Vision Rehabilitative Training and/or spectacle lenses can reduce these symptoms. A vision practitioner trained in Low Vision and Behavioral Optometry has the ability to assess and treat these impairments.

Let’s reduce the disconnect!