PresbyopicAn interesting visual phenomenon occurs to those of us who are around 40 years old or older, called Presbyopia. Letters and numbers become to small to read and it seems like we can’t get enough light to make print clear!

Presbyopia, occurs when the lens inside the eyeball becomes less flexible. Just like a camera, the eyeball needs a way to zoom in and out for clear images at different distances. The natural lens in eye becomes less flexible as it ages and its ability to zoom in on a near image eventually diminishes.

There are many options to treat presbyopia:

  • Eye glasses:  With today’s technology, wearing eye glasses for reading has become much easier and there are many available options.
  • Contact Lenses: Many options exist for contact lenses for presbyopia. Some corneal diseases or extreme prescriptions may not make you a good candidates for presbyopic contact lenses, but you won’t know until you ask your eye doctor.
  • Surgery: Several different types of surgeries are available that can help with presbyopic symptoms including laser treatments, corneal implants, and lens implants or lens replacement surgeries. These options are more invasive and are often mistaken as cures for presbyopia. Unfortunately, there is no cure and as with all the mentioned treatment types, there is a give and take when it comes to any treatment of your visual system for presbyopia.

Presbyopia is a natural maturing process of our eyes, however, we don’t have to let it be an inconvenience!