Better Vision Membership Plan

The very best in vision care with our affordable membership plan.

Great eyesight can begin with glasses and contacts, yet it is our brain’s process that produces excellent vision.  Doctors Lentfer and Kompkoff have spent many years refining their “full visual process” which results in top quality vision care with amazing results.

Payment for Services

Here at Katmai Eye, payment is collected at the time of your visit and, for your convenience, we offer a complimentary service to send in your invoice and the insurance company will reimburse you directly.

Network questions
If you were in network with one of our providers at their previous location, often the insurance company will consider they are in network. All insurance companies must reimburse for services whether the doctor is in or out of network. They have the right to reimburse differently.

Our Payment Options
Cash, check, debit or credit cards. Care Credit payments services of 6 months without interest or 12 months with interests options (for qualifying patients).

We do offer monthly payment options and payment through Care Credit.

We are not Medicare or Medicaid providers.

Care Credit