head-knockSecondary symptoms of visual confusion, headaches, light sensitivity, decreased concentration, and fatigue, are just a few complications that occur after a head knock of any degree.  

A hit of the head does not have to be as severe as a car accident or head trauma during a sport, it can be as simple as hitting your head on an overhead light or when you have lost your balance.

Vertigo like symptoms, balance problems, or a sense of overwhelmed when trying to do normal tasks, are common symptoms after any severity of a concussion and can complicate life.

Our brains are “neuro-plastic” which means they can be retrained to function normally again depending on the degree of injury.

We use our vision in most all of our daily tasks creating the situation in which over 70% of the brain is involved in the visual process. Vision training has a large impact on returning visual function and positively impacting lives.

For treatment of these symptoms, see an eye doctor who is trained in visual performance and does vision training.  These doctors are often called behavioral Optometrists and the vision training can also be referred to as vision therapy.