The carefree long warm summer days are upon us and for many lucky people those days include swimming. Swimming is a blast and provides great exercise. Here are a few tips to avoid eye injury and discomfort to keep your summer fun.

1. Protect the eyes from Ultraviolet light. The UV rays that reflect off of the water are more harmful than from the sun above. It doesn’t take long to sunburn the eyes causing blurred vision and a lot of pain. UV damage to the eyes is cumulative. So to avoid early development of cataracts, macular degeneration and skin cancer of the eye lids it is essential to wear quality UV protective sunglasses starting at an early age.

2. Protect the eyes from the unseen! Microbes or Microscopic Organisms. Pools, lakes and rivers are full of microscopic organisms that have a potential to cause an eye infection especially to those who wear contact lenses.

Advice to avoid an eye infection:

  • wear goggles and/or use a good quality artificial tear to rinse and lubricate the eyes after swimming
  • avoid wearing contact lenses in the pool or wear goggles over them if needed
  • remove contact lenses immediately after swimming and disinfect them overnight or discard them.